25 weeks, another hospital visit, and more bed rest.

You heard it right, ANOTHER, hospital visit. Sorry for my long absence. But I’ve had the most eventful past weeks ever.

Right at 24 weeks and 1 day, I started to have contractions every 3 to 5 minutes apart. Lasting about 30 to 45 seconds, I waited around awhile to see if they would stop. But laying down, walking, nothing was helping. After 2 hours of no let up I decided it was hospital time.
When I arrived they immediately took me to labor and delivery. Where I once again got a ffn test. Which came back, of course, positive. So I got to experience the entire preterm labor glory, for the 2nd time. Magnesium to stop contractions (which just makes me vomit, over and over), hydroxyzine, to relax my uterus and keep it from contracting, ampicillin iv every 4 hours, 2 more steroid shots to mature her lungs faster. Needless to say I didn’t sleep, at all, for 4 days.
They did get everything to stop, again. I stayed for 5 days before I was finally released to go home.
Baby girl did amazing, she handled the stress fine, and weighing in at 1 pound and 10 ounces. She’s big, and measuring ahead of schedule.

Now, my days are filled with constant worry. I have another doctors appointment this next week with my high risk doctor. Hopefully, where I will get some answers. No one seems to know why it keeps happening. And all I wonder is how many times are they going to be able to stop it before it doesn’t work anymore? With now two positive ffn tests within 4 weeks of eachother. When am I going to go into labor? How much longer am I going to last? Last time I only lasted 3 weeks before this happened again. Everything seems unanswered, and uncertain. One thing is for sure. there is no way, I am making it full term. So a preemie baby is definitely in my future. But I have faith that as long as I make it past 28 weeks (only 2 1/2 weeks away), that she will be fine.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, on with the pregnancy update ;]

ight at 25 weeks exactly.

How far along: 25 weeks and 4 days
Food Comparison: Cauliflower (13.6 to 14.8 in, 1.5 to 2.2 lb)
Weight gain: 13 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Most definitely. But I spend most of my days in pajamas. Positives of bed rest, no need to look fancy.
Stretch marks: Still no!
Belly button in or out: Still in, but it’s definitely getting closer each week.
Sleep: Starting to get more difficult. I’m waking up to pee every 3 hours. And getting comfortable is becoming a challenge. Especially since Arabella (which is what we have decided to name her) is still breech, so when she kicks, it feels like she’s kicking me straight in the vagina. (sorry TMI!)
Best moment last week: Hearing the Arabella is fine, and measuring amazing. Nothing makes everything I am going through with this pregnancy, more worth it, than knowing that she is growing fast. At the weight she was at, by this time I am sure that she is just about, if not already, 2 lbs. Which makes her chance of survival, if I happened to go into preterm labor again this early, much much higher. ALSO, during the sonogram while they, my placenta has OFFICIALLY moved 4 cm away from the opening of my cervix. NO MORE PLACENTA PREVIA. At least I got some sort of good news while I was there.

Worst moment last week: Having to be in the hospital again. Preterm labor is perhaps the scariest thing to experience. Having so many doctors coming to my room to discuss options, and what ifs. A regular ob doctor, a high risk doctor. Having the neonatal intensive care unit doctor personally come to my room. To discuss with me what is going to happen, what they’d be doing to my daughter, to help her breathe. That I would have a team of doctors working on her, and on me. To monitor me after, to get my breast milk following right away. Cause every though she’d be too small to eat it. They’d give her a feeding tube, and my breast milk is the best thing for her. That after her being born, my presence is extremely important to keep her healthy. Having physical therapy in my room, to make sure with my long stay on bed rest, that I find ways to still use my muscles. So making me do exercises with my arms, and feet, while still keeping pressure off of my cervix. Just an extreme overload of information, and a lot to take it at once. They all just kept asking if I had any questions, and I’m just sitting there like, I am still processing everything that is going on, give me a second to think.
Movement: All the time. She kicked the nurse while they were trying to monitor her heart beat and my contractions. It was definitely entertaining.
Cravings: Hmm, potatoes, fall flavors (pumpkin, cinnamon), stews. Basically comfort foods.
Queasy or sick: Starting to get nauseous again. Hoping it’s just from everything that has been going on. I do not want to do another round of morning sickness like my first trimester. It was horrible.
Looking forward to: My daughter just being born, and being healthy.

One last thing to end this post. My growth in four days. It’s starting to get pretty insane.
The left, 25 weeks, the right. 25 weeks and 4 days.

Until next time!


Bed rest, 1 week down.

Thoughts after 1 week:

1. This is not glamorous, it is beyond boring.
2. Netflix can only entertain you for so many hours during the day.
3. Thank god for internet, if I didn’t have blogs and things to read I would most likely go insane.
4. Laying down this much, actually hurts your legs from non-movement. No win to this, move around, hurts, lay down, hurts. Sigh…

And the list goes on and on. But those are my top complaints ;]

 I am OFFICIALLY, 22 weeks and 1 day. 6 more weeks till the safe zone. Seems forever away, but i know that I can do it. I know that every day, every exhausting moment, brings us closer to a happy and healthy little girl. Not that she has any problems. Every sonogram and measurement of her has come back with good words and no worries. It’s my incompetent body that can’t seem to handle being pregnant.

Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, mostly to check if there has been any more bleeding, check measurements of little girl, urine, weight, all the normal stuff. I think I’ll be seeing him every week from here on out. He also had me set up an appointment with a perintologist. Which is really just a fancy word for a high risk doctor. In his words, I’m kind of a big deal around here, so we need a whole team to work on this.

And now, on to this.

How far along: 22 weeks and 1 day
Food Comparison: Papaya (10.5 to 11.8 in, 12.7 to 20.8 oz)
Weight gain: Around 8 lbs, which trust me, has to be all baby. No where gains any weight except for my belly.
Maternity clothes: Oh yes! Pre pregnancy clothes disappeared a longggg time ago.
Stretch marks: Nope! But skin is feeling very tight lately.
Belly button in or out: Still in,  but definitely getting close!
Sleep: All lights are green in the sleep department. Sometimes takes me a little while to fall asleep, and I wake up every morning around 6 am to pee, but am able to go right back to sleep.
Best moment last week: Getting out of the hospital and being able to go home! As much as i know being there was the best thing for me and baby girl. Nothing feels as good as being at home. So as soon as I got the ok, i was out of there! Then home, and more comfortable than I had been in 4 days, on my own couch. 

Worst moment last week: Being told I was in preterm labor. At 21 weeks. Rare, would be an understatement. Most women don’t get that until at least 24 weeks. But of course I just had to be the exception. 
Then when they did my sonogram while I was there, and that doctor’s telling me that the placenta looks like it has dark spots, which they think to be bleeding. OH lovely. And that there is nothing they can do to fix it, just it has to be watched, and monitored. If anything goes out of control, immediate c-section. The good news just keeps on coming.
Movement: All the time. She keeps flipping from head down to breech. 
Cravings: Lately? Waffles or pancakes. Granny smith apples (as per usual). Ham and cheese sandwiches.
Queasy or sick: Nope! Which thank god. My morning sickness didn’t really start to fade until 16-17 weeks. Before that it was constant sickness, every day, all day. Especially if I had to wake up early, meant the entire time was just a no go.
Looking forward to: Not having to worry that every time i move, or walk around. If its too much, and I’ll go into labor again. Being able to finally hold my little girl, time seems to be going so slow. While 1st trimester flew by, 2nd is just going at a glacial pace. 


Now I’ll go back to laying on my left side, watching house. And trying not to be bored out of my mind. Suggestions for entertainment during bed rest? 

Placenta what? The beginning of problems.

Picture it, 18 weeks. Just ready to see my child.
Boy? Girl? I NEED TO KNOW.
The joy, it’s a girl. Then, “but you appear to have a placenta previa.”
A what?

In normal people terms, a low laying placenta, covering the opening of the cervix. So what does that mean for me?
Doctor: As of right now we will just wait to see if it moves as your uterus grows.

Oh ok, not so bad.
Fast forward another two weeks.
Bleeding, what!?
Where was the warning on that?
Go to the hospital, admitted. Bleeding stops.
Go home, with a prescription for bed rest for a week, then return to work as normal.

Then another week later.

More bleeding, cramping, go back to the hospital.
Lovely, preterm labor.
Has anyone had magnesium to stop preterm labor before?
I will spare you the details, but it is NOT fun. Numb fingers, feet, lips.
Checking my vitals every 15 minutes for hours. Sleep was not an option.

BUT, good news. Labor successfully stopped, four days of hospital, and I am finally allowed to go home.
This time, permanent bed rest. No work, no stress, stay home, and make this baby cook longer.

Hence, to where I am at now. What else do you do besides write a blog about your experiences while on bed rest?
And hopefully give some insight to others having to suffer through what I will now go through.

As I try to adjust to what some would think of as a vacation. When trust me, it feels much more like house arrest.
We can share, cry, all of those girly things.
While i try desperately to keep this little girl in, and to our goal of at least 28 weeks.

So here’s to many more posts, pictures, and complaints.